Getting Ready to Rescue

Getting Ready to Rescue

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Interested in getting a rescue dog but a little overwhelmed with where to start? Worried about potential behavioural problems or have particular needs as a family and unsure whether rescuing is right for you?


The idea of rescuing a dog is great but many people have questions over the practicalities and common areas where it can go wrong. It can also be overwhelming as lots of charities have hundreds of applications for each dog and getting your application to stand out can be tough! 


This 30 minute online one to one with a qualified IMDT trainer will help to answer your questions. With extensive work volunteering at rescue centres, fostering dogs, working in relinquishment and selecting and interviewing applicants for dog charities, we can help to give you the facts about rescuing. Having an unbiased chat with a professional will save you hours in potential heartache (getting the wrong match, never hearing back from applications or looking in the wrong places).


Common areas we cover:


- how to find the right rescue dog match (breed, temperament, size)

- how to navigate rescues & which ones will match your family requirements

- how to make your application stand out from the crowd

- preparing your home for your rescue dog coming home

- preparing for the first night / settling in & introducing to the family


(Please note, this is not suitable for behavioural advice - if you need help with your rescue dog's behaviour please see our other packages for behavioural consultations)


1 x 30 minute zoom session (£35 saving)


Simply buy now and we will contact to arrange your time slot.