Don't Chase The Cat!

Don't Chase The Cat!

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This is a 60 minute online session to show you the steps to restore harmony in your household!


Cats and dogs can get along brilliantly, but introduced or mismanaged both can end up having a miserable time. Your cat should not have to be put up with being chased - at best it is annoying, at worst it can be terrifying and stressful for them in a place where they should feel safe and protected. Leaving them to work it out just isn't fair and does not guarantee a good outcome.

This programme takes you through some tried and tested management and counter conditioning techniques that actually work. We have personally introduced many dogs with very high prey drives and got to a position where both animals are happy to curl up together and share a house harmoniously. This is not magic or an instant fix but it does give you a systematic way to build trust and positive associations if you are feeling at a loss on how to manage them and improve relations. 



What it includes:

  • 60 minute online session with a qualified trainer
  • Management strategies for your home
  • How to counter condition their response
  • Timescales and success stories
  • Takeaway plan so you can put it into action


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