The Ultimate Chill Out Programme

The Ultimate Chill Out Programme

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Lots of dogs can find it really hard to chill out. Especially high drive working breeds that need a little help finding an off switch. Some dogs find modern life quite stressful and big changes like moving house, new babies, or rescue dogs settling into a new home sometimes need some extra help to de-stress.


Trigger stacking is common in dogs, just like in people. If you have a series of stressful events (parking ticket, running late, forgot to put the bins out) you are more likely to react badly at smaller things (just like stressed dogs barking at noises in the house). Our Ultimate Chill Out Programme shows you how to promote calm into your dog's life and help them to be happier and more relaxed. 


We use these tactics with our own dogs and foster dogs that come in extremely stressed. Within a few days they are usually sprawled out feeling much calmer. Having dogs that are able to chill out, means you have a dog that becomes more confident, more able to adapt to change and more receptive to training.


What the package includes:

  • Pre-training questionnaire to understand your specific dog 
  • 3 x 60 minute one-to-one training sessions tailored to you and your dog
  • Homework after each session
  • Private whatsap group with trainer to share videos & receive personalised coaching over the 4 week programme between sessions

Common areas we cover:

  • Trigger stacking & how we can re-fill our dog's stress bucket
  • The power of sniffing
  • Chewing and licking the great stress releasers
  • Free work and enrichment games
  • House manners such as settle, jumping up, barking at the door/tv/windows


Who is this for?

Puppies that have completed puppy training and want to carry on their education with core life skills

Troublesome teenagers who have suddenly forgotten everything they know!

Rescue dogs where you are building up your new relationship together

Dogs that are nervous, anxious and are quick to react with noises around the house

Dogs that have trouble switching off and find it difficult to settle


One to one sessions are available in the following areas (30 minutes of DN22): Blyth, Bawtry, Barnby Moor, Ranskill, Retford, Worksop, Newark, Sheffield, Chesterfield (for other areas please contact for availability and travel charges)


Sessions can be completed online (zoom with your trainer) as long as you are comfortable viewing and sending through video content. This programme works really well being completed online.


Purchase online and we will be in contact with available dates