Here are some of our most regular questions:

How do I use it on my dog?

Simply follow our recommended amount (based on your dog's weight and size) and sprinkle over their food each day. A lot of dogs like the taste but it is quite distinctive and so add some water or bone broth and mix thoroughly into the food if your dog isn't used to it

What does it protect against?

Herb Defence 'What Fleas?' is formulated to help protect against fleas, ticks and mites. It is a preventative treatment and can take up to 6 weeks for your dog to build up full benefit. The treatment is designed to be gentle on your dog's system and give added benefits. It also includes pumpkin seeds which many use as a natural wormer but we recommend using alongside further worming treatment for full coverage against all types of worms. Please be aware that you should always be vigilant against ticks attaching onto your dog. No treatment (including strong chemical treatments) are 100% effective at stopping ticks attach onto a dog so always make sure you check your dog after walks. Some ticks can carry Lyme disease and so it is important these are removed within 24 hours to minimise the risk of infection. For more information on the risks of Lyme see our blog post.

Has it been formulated by vets?

Yes. 'What Fleas?' was formulated by a qualified vet with a keen interest in holistic natural treatments. All the ingredients are natural and safe for dogs.

Can I give this to my cat?

We designed Herb Defence 'What Fleas' specifically for dogs so we do not recommend giving it to your cat. 

Is it safe to give to pregnant bitches or puppies?

We don't recommend it for pregnant, lactating bitches or puppies under 12 weeks - you are best consulting your vet for advice. 

What if it is upsetting my dog's stomach?

If your dog has any signs of digestive upset we recommend stop using and consult with your vet. Herb Defence should not cause any discomfort for your dog - if it does please stop using it.

Should I use Herb Defence if we already have a flea infestation?

Herb Defence 'What Fleas?' has been formulated as a preventative natural remedy. Whilst it aims to give your dog a natural protection from fleas, ticks and mites there are a range of much stronger treatments (both natural and chemical) which will be effective at fighting against infestations. Herb Defence is designed to be gentle on your dog and build up a natural immunity for long term frequent use - we do not recommend it as the only treatment if an infestation is already present.