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Jessica lives with her three resident spaniels Charlie, Cash and Teddy. Enjoys competing in dog sports like flyball and agility. A frequent fosterer with Spaniel Aid, so understands first-hand some of the challenges of living with dogs with behaviour problems. Covering Nottinghamshire and surrounding counties alongside online consultation packages (Areas include: Barnby Moor, Ranskill, Retford, Bawtry, Blyth, Worksop, Chesterfield, Sheffield, Nottingham, Lincoln, Newark - other locations may be subject to travel charges) .

IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers) Accredited Trainer
Level 5 Diploma in Canine Behaviourism (Canine Principles)
Canine First Aid Certified & Vet Recommended

Our Approach

All our training and behaviour work uses only positive methods.

We are passionate about the total well-being of your dog and want to help give you the tools to set you both up for success. We concentrate on the underlying issues that are manifesting in unwanted behaviours rather than quick fixes which are short lived.

We believe working on your bond with your pet is the most valuable way to help them and aim to provide a range of services and products that can help make training fun and rewarding.

Prices and Services


1:1 or via zoom

Getting a new puppy is extremely exciting but can be overwhelming with so much information about what they should be learning. Our puppy packages are designed to help guide you through the process so you can have a structured framework to work through at your puppy’s own pace. Our goal is to have happy, healthy and confident pups that turn into well-adjusted adult dogs that thrive in your family.

Private sessions (multi-session discounts)
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1:1 or via zoom

These sessions are completely bespoke to work on the areas that will benefit your dog most. We can focus on key life skills such as recall or loose lead walking with techniques that are positive, ethical and evidence based. These sessions are designed to strengthen the relationship you share with your dog, allowing you to better understand each other whilst achieving your goals.

Private sessions (multi-session discounts)
Packages available in our SHOP
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1:1 or via zoom

For some more complex behaviours we will need to understand the underlying causes and so a much more detailed approach will be required in order to give long lasting results.

In such cases we will generally require a vet check-up prior to the consultation commencing.

We take an holistic approach and so will look across all areas of your dog’s life including health, diet, history, environment) to better understand factors influencing behaviour.

Initial consultation (will take between 1-2 hours + written report)                      Contact for availability & pricing

Online courses

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Struggling on time to commit to 1:1 sessions? We also offer a range of group style classes covering different topics including a step by step guide to puppy training. Visit our shop to find out more


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“Finn was a big resource guarder. He would guard anything he could get his paws on (literally) and if he couldn’t find anything he would move on to guarding spaces. Finn ended up being relinquished by his owners and after a stint in foster he was adopted. This came to an abrupt end after a week following an incident where he attacked them. Finn came to live with me for around 6 weeks. Initially he stayed in the hallway and growled, increasing the intensity if he heard me move in the next room. After a couple of days he decided to join the rest of the household (me and 3 other dogs). The period was not without incident, I was guarded out of the house (he blocked the back door when I was in the garden), we had some issues between dogs and I had to pretty much strip the house bear to start his training. Throughout the time with me, Finn’s guarding became much more manageable (through a series of counter conditioning and management). He loved going out walking and swimming. Eventually he was in the position to be adopted and now lives with his new family who continue to successfully work with him.”



“Rolo, a collie cross cocker, came to me as a foster dog after having several bite incidents around guarding food. I worked with him on his food aggression. We spent time building up his trust of people near food, to help to get rid of his underlying anxiety, that food would be taken away from him. I also gave him more constructive outlets to burn off energy (both physically and mentally). He’s gone on to start a new life as an up and coming agility star.”



“Springer spaniel Rudy came into my care after having several bite incidents which his family were unable to manage. He was also returned from an adopted family for attacking them and guarding. After a clear health check, I did a complete bootcamp to work on his manners (stop jumping up, jumping on work surfaces, pulling on lead, mouthing at clothing etc). I gave him appropriate outlets for energy (physically but also mentally) and then worked on teaching him to settle and reduced his guarding tendencies. Whilst he will always be a full on type of dog, he has been successfully placed into his forever family and has a happy life ahead of him.”