We believe that keeping your dogs healthy and happy should be the top
priority for any dog lover. More and more owners are questioning the use of monthly chemical treatments, having concerns about over-using chemicals on their dogs and how this may impact their long term health as well as damaging the local environment.

We are taught that natural, fresh, whole foods are best for our own health but there seems a disconnect when it comes to dog health. Feeding highly processed food and applying several strong chemicals every month seems counter intuitive. So many people have different opinions and it can feel overwhelming to understand what you can do to keep your dog feeling their best. Ultimately it comes down to personal choice and doing your best.

For us it seems illogical to be applying strong chemicals (one standard sized flea treatment has enough pesticide to kill 60 million bees!) when dogs don't have fleas. We obviously want to help prevent the risk of dogs getting bitten, but with something more appropriate to the risk they face (I wouldn't apply nit treatment to a human every month just in case). Herb Defence 'What Fleas?' is formulated with vets to do just that. It helps to give natural protection with lots of added benefits on top as well as being much more environmentally friendlier. We believe there is a place for stronger treatments, just not every month for low risk health dogs.